Colour Walk

Step into the frigid silvered air
Leave your light on for when you return
Wander to places familiar to escape familiarity
Contours gouge large iridescent marks
Across the landscape in the shades of evening
Yellow spring flowers are subdued
The scent thick weight around their buds
Going stale after picking
Sienna and umber against the woods under streetlights
Their vapour of white flame
Contained and bound
Only moving when the current allows
The water below finds the light alluring and so collects itself
Far above before raining down cobalt bolts
Gathering atop and around the electric prison
Absorbing and refracting into a myriad of tones
Forming a symbiotic stained glass window
Dripping globules of nectarine gold


Published by


Joel Lester is a Musician, Composer, Poet and Writer from New Zealand. This blog is an online portfolio of his collected works. Joel is currently working on a book of poetry to be released next year, a novel, an album of original music, and several chamber ensemble pieces.

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